Amit Gal

PhD Student in Management/Organizations
amit (at) galamit (dot) com

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Below is a sporadically updated list of publications and conference papers.
To download papers, please see my SSRN profile here, or contact me directly.

  • Valentine, M. A., Barsade, S., Edmondson, A. C., Gal, A., & Rhodes, R. (2014). Informal Peer Interaction and Practice Type as Predictors of Physician Performance on Maintenance of Certification Examinations. JAMA surgery.
  • Gal, Amit & Felin, Teppo (2012), “Expertise Diversity, Information Aggregation and Strategy”, 5 th Israel Strategy Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Gal, Amit (2012), “Two Types of Mediation, Two Types of Theories: Embracing the Complexities of Mediation Analysis”, Annual meeting of the Academy of management, Boston MA, USA.
  • Gal, Amit (2012), “Participation analysis: assessing individuals' direct and indirect contribution to team outcomes”, 7 th Annual INGRoup conference, Chicago IL, USA.
  • Gal, Amit & Hellman, Ziv (2010), “Modeling the micro-foundations of routine formation: when expectations match interpretations”, Best paper proceedings, 70 th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Montreal, Canada.
  • Gal, Amit (2010), “Causality and Turning Points: A Formal Model for Settling a Theoretical Dispute”, Israel Sociological Society 41st Annual Conference, Israel (in Hebrew).
  • Gal, Amit (2005), “Toward an analysis of orchestration – a semiotic approach”, Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology (CIM‘05), Montreal, Canada.
  • Hellman, Ziv & Gal, Amit (2003), “Structural conflict avoidance in collaborative ontology engineering”, in: Camp, O.; Filipe, J.B.; Hammoudi, S.; Piattini, M.G. (Eds.) Enterprise Information Systems V, Kluwer Academic Publisher, Netherlands, pp. 216-225.
  • Gal, Amit (2002), “The creative musical workshop – not for musicians only”, Conference on “Arts in Education”, Tel Aviv (in Hebrew).